Student Engagement

Student Engagement

Over the past few years Dr Gabriel has worked strategically with her university’s student union (SUBU). This includes periodic meetings with the President, Sabbatical Officers, Black Students Campaign and Arab, Asian & Ethnic Minority Campaign. Examples of collaboration are participating at their events and inviting their participation at events she has organised (see gallery below). Her work around student engagement includes consultation with SUBU during her development of the 3D Pedagogy Framework, which was fully endorsed by the Student Union Vice President for Education, Lenrick Greaves. This positive engagement inspired her development of a workshop through Black British Academics called BASE (Building Achievement, Social Justice and Empowerment through the curriculum),  that enables students to contribute and feed into curriculum development.


With students at Greenwich University at the BASE launch in Jan 2019
Receiving the Staff Member of the Year Award in Dec 2018
With the SUVP for Welfare Lea Ediale (L) and SUVP for Education, Lenrick Greaves (R) at the BBA Ivory Tower launch in Oct 2018
At the launch of the Black Students Campaign in Nov 2017
Dr Gabriel’s former student Jasmine Aloma with her mother at her graduation ceremony holding her 1st Class Honours Degree certificate in 2018
Dr Gabriel on the panel of a SUBU debate on White privilege in Oct 2017
Dr Gabriel’s former student Rebecca Aynge presenting at a Black British Academics event in 2016
BA Public Relations graduates Elsa and Naomi presenting at a Black British Academics event in 2016



Nurturing  Student Success