Experiential learning in action-3D Pedagogy Framework and political sociology

Experiential learning in action-3D Pedagogy Framework and political sociology

The 3D Pedagogy Framework is a strategic model of inclusive teaching practice I developed over a four-year period to decolonize, democratize and diversify the curriculum in higher education (see forthcoming journal article):

Gabriel, D. (2019). Enhancing higher education practice through the 3D Pedagogy Framework to decolonize, democratize and diversify the curriculum. International Journal of Technology & Inclusive Education. Vol.8 Issue 2. (accepted)

It evolved from my specialist consultancy work around curriculum diversification which began in 2014 and led to my first major innovation in the form of a final-year undergraduate module called Media Inequality (see):

Teaching for Social Change – Media Inequality Event

This is what social justice pedagogy looks like – my students in BBC Radio Solent interview

I conducted pedagogic research on this module including two-year’s worth of quantitative data and analysis of student assessment, which points to the effectiveness of 3D Pedagogy in enhancing student experience and outcomes, especially students of colour (see):

Gabriel, D. (2018). Pedagogies of Social Justice and Cultural Democracy in Media Higher Education. Issue 8.1  pp. 34-MERJ

Earlier this year, I conducted research to evaluate the effectiveness of 3D Pedagogy beyond my own teaching practice. I developed a workshop for teaching staff and piloted it among 9 participants in the UK at two institutions and 17 participants in Canada from six countries. Quantitative and qualitative data collected and analyzed reinforce the findings of my earlier research.

In 2016, I developed a new 1st year politics undergraduate module based on 3D Pedagogy called Political Sociology, which ran for the first time this semester. Features developed for this unit, such as study groups throughout the semester to promote peer learning and continuous formative assessment have already proved highly effective a month into the module.

Having already covered race, gender, religion, intersectionality and political engagement – the opportunity for one of the students, Nora Maganga, to take part in a filmed discussion for BBC News around race and racism in higher education provided the perfect opportunity for experiential learning.

main picture from L to R: Prof Kevin Hylton (Patron of Black British Academics), Political Sociology student Nora Maganga, and BBC Correspondent Elaine Dunkley.

The BBC report on race in academia aired on 7/12/18 on the six O’clock and ten O’clock news. The video will shortly be uploaded to Black British Academics.

about the 3D Pedagogy Framework

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    October 30, 2018 at 9:19 am

    A fantastic example of scholar-activism in action. This pedagogic approach should be rolled out across universities, to explore how anti-racism can be brought into the curriculum and classroom. Really inspiring and innovative work.


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