Dr Gabriel is an academic and consultant in race, media, education and equality, whose work is largely focused on equity and social justice in higher education and the wider society.

Diversity Projects

Dr Gabriel has developed a number of projects to diversify the media, including People With Voices (2008-2013) an online journalism project funded by UnLtd to increase participation in the news industry among the most under-represented groups. Black Bloggers UK & International Network (2011-2013) was developed to support her doctoral research on Black Bloggers in the UK. Both websites have been archived by the British Library.


Dr Gabriel’s journalistic work is focused on giving voice to the perspectives and experiences of marginalised groups and articulating issues around inequality. She has written for a variety of publications including Times Higher Education, Guardian, Independent, Red Pepper and Parliamentary Monitor. Between 2004 and 2008 she served as Editor of Colourful Network prior to its conversion to a digital radio station.

Critical Leadership

Dr Gabriel established Black British Academics® in 2013 as a pro-active, influential network of scholars committed to tackling racial inequality in higher education and the wider society and serves as its Director. It leads research on race and gender inequality and innovation in education practice through the Ivory Tower Project and 3D Pedagogy Framework™ . In addition to leading institutional change around race equality through Black British Academics®, she has also served on a number of international advisory and editorial boards and offers specialist consultancy services.


Dr Gabriel’s research falls into two distinct areas. The first is concerned with the dynamics of race, ethnicity and culture in higher education and pedagogical research centred on decolonising, democratising and diversifying the curriculum. The second is concerned with the politics of racialised identity, especially counterhegemonic practice and race and representation in media education, practice and popular culture (see Research on this site). Her 2007 book, Layers of Blackness: Colourism in the African Diaspora, was the first major work on colourism by a UK author and has continued to attract worldwide attention. She developed the Ivory Tower project on race and gender inequality through Black British Academics® leading two research teams to produce two edited volumes published by UCL Press. She has presented her research at international conferences around the world including Paris, Dubai, Buffalo, Hawaii, Washington DC, New York, Austin, Toronto and Patras.

Academic Role

Dr Gabriel is a full-time academic based in the Faculty of Media and Communication at Bournemouth University and is an award-winning specialist in social justice pedagogy and critical race pedagogy, teaching from a critical race/gender standpoint (see Education on this site).

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