Ivory Tower seminar at the University of Texas

I was thrilled to deliver a presentation on Black British Academics’ Ivory Tower project at the University of Texas on 12th August, hosted jointly by the Black Studies Dept and Center for Community Engagement.

My visit to Austin and the University of Texas was organised by BBA Patron Virginia Cumberbatch (former Director of the Center for Community Engagement). The event was hosted and organised by Shaleiah Fox, Associate Director of External Relations at the Center for African and African American Studies.

With Shaleiah Fox

During my seminar I relayed how Black British Academics has prioritised race and gender inequality, given the marginalisation of issues around race within discussion and policy on gender equality.

I stated that the lived experience of women of colour, and Black feminism as the primary conceptual approach was key to the success of Inside the Ivory Tower in engendering a critical consciousness among a diverse readership. The audience of women included faculty members and graduate students and I enjoyed conversing with them after my presentation.

After the seminar, I presented signed copies of Ivory Tower to the John L. Warfield Center for African and African American Studies. It has been a focal point for campus and community life around the cultural, sociopolitical, artistic, economic, and historical experiences of Africans and their descendants.

Engaging with staff and students during the seminar