Honoured to receive staff member of the year award

I was honoured to receive the Staff Member of the Year Award at the SUBU 2018 BME Awards.

Developed by the Student Union at Bournemouth University (SUBU), the BME Awards were the brainchild of former SUBU President Daniel Asaya to celebrate and reward the achievements of students of colour. I was invited to the event as a guest of honour, alongside former SUBU President Daniel Asaya.

The event was well attended by students of colour at the Citygate Centre in Bournemouth and the hosts, SUVP Education Lenrick Greaves and SUVP Activities Lea Ediale, made a great double act, engaging the audience with humour, dance moves and a competition.

The excellent entertainment included dance group K Pop and a fabulous gospel choir that drew rapturous applause from the audience.

It was an honour to be invited to attend the SUBU BME Awards which is such a fantastic initiative and example of how students of colour enrich the cultural landscape in higher education. Having previously attended the awards, this year was extra special because it means so much to be valued by the very constituents that you strive so hard for to achieve an equitable education. It was a wonderful evening I will treasure for a long time.

With former SUBU President Daniel Asaya – founder of the BME Awards
The Gospel Choir
SUVP Education Lenrick Greaves with SUVP Welfare Lea Ediale
Dance group K Pop