Media technologies conference in Dubai

Media technologies conference in Dubai

In May 2015 I presented my paper Challenging the Whiteness of Britishness: Co-creating British Social History in the Blogosphere at the 6th International Conference on Communication, Media, Technology & Design, in Dubai. 

The key argument I make in this paper is that Black people are routinely erased from history by way of exclusion, but blogs enable them to provide different perspectives of key moments in history, and through this process Black bloggers become co-creators of British history. My paper provides examples of this using blogs and bloggers that formed the basis of my PhD research. Prior to commencing my study I set up the Black Bloggers UK & International Network to make it easier to locate blogs authored by Black bloggers.

That site has been archived by the British Library, as has some of my other websites Black British Academics and People With Voices. It’s nice to see that the British Library sees the importance of inclusive representations of Britain. Another interesting backdrop to this paper, which was published in the Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, is that as part of the corrections I was presented with after my viva in April 2014, I was asked to add a chapter to provide a historical context to the study of 30 Black British bloggers. It was from this additional chapter that this paper was extracted.

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