My primary motivation for becoming an academic is the opportunity to contribute to social change . 

I’m a Senior Lecturer at Bournemouth University in South-East England, in the Faculty of Media and Communication, where I lecture in politics, media and communication. In previous roles, I have also lectured in journalism and new media. My primary motivation for becoming an academic is contributing to social change by embedding social justice and equality across teaching, research and professional practice. My research interests are focused around online political communication, political discourse, raced and gendered constructions and representations in media and popular culture, inclusion and liberation in educational practice and the dynamics of race, ethnicity and culture in higher education. In addition to a full-time academic role, I am the Founder of Black British Academics, an established network of academics committed to tackling racial inequality in the higher education sector.

I have more than a decade’s prior experience as a professional journalist specialising in print and online news with commissioned work published in a variety of publications including the Guardian, Independent, Red Pepper and Parliamentary Monitor. I was editor of Colourful Network between 2004 and 2008 prior to its transformation from an online news publication to a digital radio station. My journalistic work focused on claiming representational spaces for marginalised groups in the news media by making them the central focus of journalistic narratives. This includes an online news project, People With Voices, funded by UnLtd which ran from 2008 to 2013 and provided journalism training and an online platform for the publication of news, features commentaries and reviews for the most under-represented groups in the news industry.

This website is primarily focused on my professional identity and activities, which are spread across different websites which can be accessed through links in the footer of this site and slides on the homepage.

Last updated: August 2017

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