Research Leader



Research Innovation
Adopting emancipatory research methods (autoethnography and participatory witnessing) to advance lived experience as a viable means of promoting critical understandings of race and gender inequality.
Strategic Resource
Inside the Ivory Tower has been adopted by university leadership teams at several institutions to inform operational practices around recruitment and progression. Transforming the Ivory Tower provides important models for building equity in teaching, research and community practice to transform how we work with marginalised communities, how we work with government bodies to shape policy and how we empower students.
Staff Development
As a social justice project, the impact is transformational, not just in terms of the knowledge it imparts but through the impact on the contributors to the research, who benefitted from training, mentoring, support, sisterhood, solidarity and ultimately self-empowerment. This includes the Health, Wellbeing and Happiness project that evolved from the research, with its emphasis on the physical and mental health of Black women and women of colour within and beyond academia.
Political Participation
As a political mission, the Ivory Tower project adopts Black feminism as the standpoint for resistance against systemic, intersectional inequalities shaped by race, gender and class, promoting political engagement and collective activism.