Advisory – UK Parliament Knowledge Exchange

Dr Gabriel is currently working with the Knowledge Exchange department at UK Parliament through Black British Academics, to increase the participation of 1Black researchers from under-represented groups in the knowledge exchange process. Addressing racial disparities and increasing the diversity of researchers whose studies inform government policy is essential to democracy. Our collaborative project aims to:
  1. Identify barriers and structural inequalities that limit participation in the UK Parliament knowledge exchange process.
  2. Develop positive action strategies to increase participation in the knowledge exchange process.
  3. Build networks within UK Parliament to enhance future engagement with 1Black researchers .
This project is being written up as a research paper entitled: ‘Strengthening Democracy: Increasing Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the UK Parliament Knowledge Exchange Process’. Please see the below statement from the UK Parliament Knowledge Exchange Dept:

“Parliament’s Knowledge Exchange Unit is running a series of activities focused on groups of researchers who are under-represented in UK Parliament, aiming to diversify the voices of researchers heard at Parliament.  Black British Academics have worked with the Knowledge Exchange Unit to shape the activities around 1Black researchers; together Black British Academics and Parliament aim to identify barriers to participation and explore and implement strategies to increase engagement between Parliament and 1Black researchers.  The research paper is based on information coming from this joint work, but it does not aim to represent the views of Parliament or parliamentary staff.”

1‘Black’ is used politically and inclusively and refers to people of African descent, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Chinese and multiracial backgrounds. While it is accepted that these groups are heterogeneous, this term is adopted as a strategy to foster unity and facilitate collaboration.