I specialise in critical, transformative and emancipatory research to foster deeper understanding and inspire new ways of thinking.

I specialise in qualitative-interpretative research using critical, transformative and emancipatory paradigms, heavily informed by Black feminism and critical race theory. I employ a range of research methods including focus groups, interviews and case studies, critical ethnography, autoethnography, virtual ethnography and cyberethnography.

Research Interests 

My research has two distinct strands:


This is concerned with political discourse and communication, raced and gendered construction and representation in media and popular culture and identity politics.



Gabriel, D. (2007). Layers of Blackness: Colourism in the African Diaspora. London; Imani Media.

Book Chapters

Gabriel, D. (2015) Alternative Voices, Alternative Spaces: Counterhegemonic Discourse in the Blogosphere; in Media, Margins and Civic Agency, (eds.), Thorsen, E; Jackson, D; Savigny, H; & Alexander, J.  London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Journal Articles

Gabriel, D. (2016). Blogging While Black British and Female: a Critical Study on Discursive Activism. Information, Communication and Society. DOI: 10.1080/1369118X.2016.1146784

Gabriel, D. (2015). Challenging the Whiteness of Britishness: Co-creating British Social History in the BlogosphereOnline Journal of Communication and Media Technologies.

Scholarly Articles

Gabriel, D. (2017). The othering and objectification of Dianne Abbott MP. UK Election Analysis 2017. Centre for the Study of Journalism, Culture & Community. Bournemouth University.

Gabriel, D. (2016). Belonging, racism and white backlash in the 2016 US Presidential Election. US Election Analysis 2016. Centre for the Study of Journalism, Culture & Community. Bournemouth University.


Journal Articles (Under Review)

Gabriel, D. (2017). Me Myself and I: An Autoethnographical Reflection on Blogging Through Multiple Identities. under review by Cultural Studies-Critical Methodologies


The second strand of my research is concerned both with the dynamics of race, ethnicity and culture in higher education and with equality, diversity and inclusion in academic and educational practice.  This encompases critical and nuanced understandings on racial inequalities in higher education as they impact staff and students, and critical pedagogies. The broad focus that links both dimensions of this strand is the key objectives of decolonising, democratizing and diversifying the institutional culture in higher education.



Gabriel, D., & Tate, S.A. (eds), (2017). Inside the Ivory Tower: Narratives of Women of Colour Surviving and Thriving in British Academia. London: Trentham Books

Book Chapters

Gabriel, D. (2017). Overcoming objectification and dehumanization in academia in Inside the Ivory Tower: Narratives of Women of Colour Surviving and Thriving in British Academia. (eds).Gabriel, D., & Tate, S.A. London: Trentham Books

Gabriel, D. 2017. Preface. In: Ransaw, T.S. and Majors, R., eds. Emerging Issues and Trends in Education. Michigan: MSU Press, xi-xiv.

Gabriel, D. (2016). Race, Racism and Resistance in British Academia in A Critical Study of (Trans) National Racism: Interdependence of Racist Phenomenon and Resistance Forms. (eds.), Fereidooni, K & El, M. Wiesbaden: SpringerVS.

Journal Articles

Gabriel, D. (2017). Pedagogies of Social Justice and Cultural Democracy in Media Higher Education. Issue 8.1 MERJ



Gabriel, D. (2019). Critical Media Education for Social Justice. London: Routledge

Gabriel,D., & Kwhali, J. (2019). Inside the Ivory Tower: Women of Colour Transforming Academia.

Journal Articles

Gabriel, D., and Hylton, K. (2018). New insights on a sense of belonging and its relevance to postgraduate research in UK higher education . Race, Ethnicity and Education.

Gabriel, D. (2019). Collective Activism Inside the Ivory Tower: Developing a Political Mission for Women of Colour in British Academia. Political Studies Review. Special Issue on Gender and the Profession. 

Research Supervision

I would be interested in supervising research students in any of the above or broader related areas.

Current Research Students

Kimberley McFarland (EdD) : Exploring how educators can use experiential e-learning to teach entrepreneurial and business literacy to high school students 

Internal Leadership Roles

  • Member of the Social Sciences & Humanities Research Ethics Committee
  • Chair of the UG Research Ethics Committee

External Leadership Roles

 Conference Papers

Global Conference on Education, Research and Policy, Washington, DC. 11 April 2017

Keynote Speaker: Embedding Inclusion, Equality and Liberation in Media Higher Education

3rd International Conference on Advances in Women’s Studies, New York 31 Jul-1 Aug 2016

Inside the Ivory Tower: Women’s Empowerment and Leadership Through the Black Sister Network

IAFOR International Conference on Education; Hawaii, 8-11 Jan 2016

Social Justice Pedagogy and Cultural Democracy: Promoting Inclusion and Equality in Further and Higher Education (co-presented with Aisha Richards).

4th International Conference on Communication, Media, Technology & Design, Grand Excelsior Hotel Sharjah, Dubai 16-18 May 2015

Challenging the Whiteness of Britishness: Co-creating British Social History in the Blogosphere (full research paper)

Cyberspace 2014, Masaryk University, Czech Republic on 28-29 November 2014

Blogging While Black, British and Female: Identity, Representation and Social Impact in the Blogosphere (full research paper)

Media & Politics Group Annual Conference Nov 2013, Bournemouth University              *Winner of the James Thomas Memorial Prize

Alternative Voices in Alternative Spaces: Counterhegemonic Discourse in the Blogosphere (full research paper) 

Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference July 2012 Sorbonne University, Paris

African Caribbean Bloggers in the UK: Alternative Voices on the Web (original title of PhD thesis) – presentation of preliminary findings

Successful Funding Bids

(Feb 2017) Bournemouth University UoA25 Funding. Generating Research Impact Through Engagement With The Communication Industries

(April 2015) Bournemouth University Grants Academy Small Grant Award. Cultural Democracy Framework For Race Equality UK Partnership Project.

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