Using Conceptual Frameworks in Qualitative Research


  1. Dawn Frizell

    I only wish I knew as much as you in this area. You have made it very easy to follow and understand. I am starting a project, but just don't know how to get started…very frustrating. You are truely blessed with your gift.

    1. Deborah Gabriel

      Dear Dawn, my ‘gift’ is my passion for research that contributes to social change, and while research can be complex and challenging – if you pick a topic you are really interested in, you will be highly motivated to overcome any problems that may arise. The key to starting a project is very careful planning from the outset. Ask yourself the question: what are my research aims and objectives? This should then point you towards methodology and determining the most appropriate research methods for your project. Best of Luck!

  2. Julius Mafuru

    Madam, I realy appreciate your constructive idea , you clearly made a good and reasonable differences between inductive research approach and deductive research approach. Big up once again.

  3. Gerald tyusha

    Thank you Deborah  I also wish l had in-depth on research. My wish is to uproot the carnage on south African roads.  This has helped me shape up my research proposal in Professional Development  course . Regards 

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